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Upcoming Events Summary

To clear any confusions you all might have, here is the summary of the upcomming events of the month of July & Aug.

Event Name

Date & Time

Those Involved

More Info
21 July, Wed, 2.30pm - 7pm Sign Up is Still Open

Samsung Human Torch Relay
More Info TBA on 5th GM

23rd July, Friday, 3pm - 9pm

All Ambassadors

Build & Prawn
More Info

24th July, Saturday, 3pm -9pm

All Ambassadors

Wisdom Capital Investment Seminar
More Info TBA on 5th GM

31th July, Saturday, 9am -12nn

Name List

More Info

7 Aug, Sat - Whole Day
Training (1-6 Aug)

All Ambassadors

Samsung Motivators
More Info

8 – 13 Aug
(excluding trainings & except National Day 9 Aug)

Name List

Chinese Orchestra
More Info TBA on 5th GM

13 Aug, Friday

Name List

As mentioned before the two events below are compulsory to all ambassadors.

1. Samsung Human Torch Relay
2. Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame (JYOF) @ NYP a.k.a YOG Community Event @ NYP

If you have yet to complete the Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame form, to CONFIRM your attendance please do so ASAP. Valid reason will be required if you are unable to attend these two events and your attendance will determine your A-Team Probation status.

Thank you.

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