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Games Day 2010 - Fun In The Sun!

10Th July 2010. Games Day had finally arrived. Titled Fun-In-The-Sun, it was to be held at Sentosa Island. Ambassadors gathered at Vivo City Amphitheatre at 11.30am that morning and were promptly split into their groups. 4 promising teams were forged, Sotong, Uguess, Oovoo, and Prawn.

The teams then came up with and performed their group cheers. Oovoo received an extra 1000 travelling currency for their spirited performance. Teams started off with $4000, and taking different modes of transport cost different amounts of money. Teams who completed the tasks first, second and third would receive additional money for transport.

When everyone arrived at Beach Station, the clues were given and the Games Day event had officially started! Their first clue was a picture of blue gems, sapphires. But where could sapphires be found on Sentosa Island? Of course! The first checkpoint was at Sapphire Pavilion. The atmosphere was tense as teams started rushing towards the pavilion.

But of course, speed was not everything. Teams who reached the checkpoint early had to wait for the other teams to arrive first before beginning the first game. The teams who arrived early proceeded to play Ultimate Frisbee with each other. When everyone arrived, the rules of the first game were explained. Teams had to split themselves into 4 groups to pass and catch water bombs with their shirts. Should the water bomb burst, teams would have to restart the entire game. The atmosphere was electrifying as teams rushed to pass the water bombs as quickly as possible in order to receive their next clue. It was fun to toss the water bombs and to make as much noise as we wanted while trying to pass the water bombs. From here on, teams who completed early would be able to go to their next destination and be ahead of the other teams.

After everyone had completed the game, and the area cleaned up, teams received their next clue. Teams were to then make their way to the statue in the picture at Palawan beach to receive their next task. Once they found their next task, teams had to scour the area for more statues for their numbered cards. A total of 10 cards had to be found before they could proceed on to the next challenge.

The next station was just across the bridge at Palawan beach. Teams had to send two players up the two different towers and relay what was the picture pasted there to each other. After that, they had to head to the beach and make the logo which they saw. The logo was the A-League logo. With memories of the fun and exciting A-League camp still fresh in their minds, teams had no trouble building the logo and receiving their next clue.

Teams were then sent to Imbiah station for their next task, Pocky and Poker. For poker, members had to pass a poker card to their teammates using only their faces, On the other hand, for pocky, one member had to bite onto one end of the pocky stick while another would bite the pocky stick until only the biscuit part was left. Everyone had to participate in this game, so every one of us became closer to our friends and teammates, literally. It’s up to your imagination to figure out how the poker cards were passed to each other, and whether or not people accidentally kissed each other while playing pocky......

The fifth clue was a picture of emeralds, so teams rushed to the emerald pavilion for their next task. Another mass game awaited the teams at the pavilion emerald, Protect the Mummy. Teams filled up water bombs and then attacked the opposing teams’ mummies. The team with the mummy which is the driest at the end would be the victor. At the end of the relentless onslaught of water bombs, everyone was soaked to the skin, and a short break was provided to teams to wash up and dry themselves in preparation for the next event.

The next clue was a mystery to some, with words printed all over the paper, overlapping each other. When decoded, it read “Resort World, Lake of Dreams” with the last clue firmly in hand, teams rushed off towards their destination. The task that awaited them was no easy feat however. Teams had to first take pictures with 10 people from different countries, 3 people from different races, and 2 hug shots, making a total of 15 photographs. After that, teams had to approach people to draw 50 hearts and 50 smiley’s, for a total of 100 pictures. After this ordeal, teams were rewarded with their final clue: the pit stop.

The pit stop was the meeting point of the games day event, the Vivo city amphitheatre. It was an explosive ending as teams rushed to the pit stop. Sotong came in first place, followed by Oovoo, Uguess, and last but not least, Prawn.

The event ended at nearly 7pm, and the prizes were then given out to the participating teams. Prizes included Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, snacks and drinks.

The Games Day event truly lived up to its name. It was really Fun-in-the-Sun for all of the participants. Participants then went home, satisfied with their day and the fun activities.

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