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A-LEAGUE: Annual Camp 2010


The day that that all A-Teamers have anticipated had finally arrived. 11th of June 2010 was when A-League, this year’s camp official name, kicked off. Everyone was looking forward to the camp as this is where we can know more of each other, especially the new batch of A-Teamers!
At the start camp we were introduced to the three main objectives that campers are hope to achieve by the end of the camp. Bonding, Time and Heart or otherwise known as B.T.H! To summarise the objectives in one sentence, everyone shall put their heart into the camp and learn to how ‘time’ can instilled self-discipline in each of us as we forged closer friendships bonds between everyone!

Just like any other camp, our first activity was ice-breaking games. All of us were filled with enthusiasm and we enjoyed it very much. Everyone was breathless with laughter as Jerald and Hong Kai were made to pole dance for the first forfeit of the activity. The activities really got all of us to a great start to the camp. Through all this icebreaking, we learnt the names people whom we only know before by their faces. In this camp, we were not in our ‘Buddy Groups’ and were split into different groups. This gave us a great opportunity to meet people from the different ‘Buddy Groups’ and to know new friends. After the ice-breaking games, we had an ‘Amazing Race’ style game around the campus. It was fun to scurry around campus in search of the stations in the middle of the night making noise as much as we can. One thing that was common for all the games and it was all focussed on team bonding. Even though some of us felt weary during the ‘amazing race’, we still persevered and in the end all the groups completed all the stations. From the 1st day of the camp, we already knew our group mates well. Lights off were at 2 as everyone ‘hibernates’ to recoup the energy that were lost.


12th June, Day 2 of A- League Camp- The day began at 7.30 in the morning with games at the NYP hockey Pitch. An invigorating start for the day which was followed by a hearty breakfast back at block E. Refreshed and energized, everyone was soon ready to kick-start with the day’s activities which comprises of games, dance practices and rehearsals, followed by the piece de resistance that would commence in the evening, which was the A- League Talent Night and the Confidence Leadership walk.

Besides breaking the ice amongst club members, the objectives of the activities were designed to develop team building as well as creativity and problem solving. Games stations were set up all over the campus where teams move from one station to another, completing challenges that demands teamwork and coordination at every station. The teams were also given an opportunity to showcase their creativity in their planning and preparation for the evening’s skit show. Each team were given a theme and an item to use as part of their skit, leaving all possibilities up to their imagination.

Evening arrives and after dinner, the show began. In spite of some technical difficulties with the lightings, everyone did not let that dampen their spirits and enthusiastically showcased their own performances, with our beloved seniors and former ambassador alumni as the audience and judges. Everyone was treated to an exciting evening entertainment, with each team’s performance displaying each of their own unique creativity and talents. The judges were hard pressed in deciding the winner.

And after all the jokes and laughter, it was time to get serious. Ceremoniously, everyone gathered in silence as we commenced the Night Confidence walk. The walk consists of a trek around various check points around the campus. A pair of team leaders was selected at every check point and each was tested on their abilities and skills as facilitators, to lead the herd to each destination in order and direct them to perform the various tasks required at each station within a specific time. The walk was long and though weary, everyone persevered, silently following and supporting their leaders as they guided them to the many stations around the campus and supervised them through the various tasks to perform. And finally, through sheer perseverance and teamwork, the objectives of the walk were met and everyone retired for the night, contented on a day well spent.


DAY 3 starts on a lighter note after a gruesome and tiring night we had for confidence walk. The campers’ sleepy faces and lethargic bodies were freshened up by the awesome breakfast served for us. A loaf of bread, kaya, chocolate spreads and Cups of warm Milo were to be shared to tighten the bond amongst the group members and also to fill our empty stomachs. To start off the morning with an extra boost, we had a round of mass dance that brought joy to the atmosphere before the commencement of the next activity, sticky thoughts! The memories of happiness and teamwork that we all had for the 3 days were reflected on the encouraging and heartfelt notes written by everyone to each of their group members, friends and even facilitators! Time flew pass really quickly and before everyone knew it, it was already lunch. Shortly after lunch we were split into our subcommittee meeting to be briefed about the general activities that were planned throughout the year and at the same time used the opportunity to get to know each other.

Not long after that it’s the highlight of the day that everyone’s been waiting for, WET GAMES!! It consisted of 8 different stations that ensure everyone to get down, dirty and of course SOAPY! First off teams embark the relay race with the water filled sponges to fill the empty pail followed by the-oh-so unpleasant experience of finding polo sweets in a plate of flour using a stick in our mouth. At the next station, we were to glide on the soapy surface and collect as many balls as possible before running together with 2 other team members hip to hip with a ping pong ball holding in between of us. Continuing the race, we had to dunk our head in water and squeeze our hair dry to collect the excess water from it and move on to the ‘Focus and Sign In’ station. As the name says it, we were to spin 10 rounds around the given pole before attempting to insert a pencil lead into the mechanical pencil and finish it off by signing our name. To add on to the dizziness, the next station made everyone squirmed with disgust as we had to put our foot in the disgusting pail of mixture and find the bread fastener clip. Rounding up the wet games, at the last station, we were supposed to slide the water bombs on the soapy table and into the empty pail. The rain started to pour in after we had a round of water bombing and hence, marks the end of wet games.

After washing up, we had the last round of mass dance. Oh boy, we had perfected all of the moves, grooving along the beat of PUSH PUSH! The joy, the fun, the happiness, the enthusiasm, the teamwork and bonding of 3 days and 2 nights were brought and sealed together by the mass dance. We then had mass debrief by the camp and vice camp commandant, prize presentation and a final closing speech by the president, SEAN LAI. The sense of belonging we had with our groups made it difficult for us to part, however every beginning has an end. The bond that we had built though out the 3 days of long- lasting fun will be hard to slip away from us, as it has stained our memories of the fun-fulfilling times that will linger in our minds forever. And we are sure that every camper did go went home with all the 3 main objectives met, right guys???


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