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June's Babies

Farewell to the packed month of May, June has come along to start a brand new month. Lets all wish June's Babies A Happy Blissful Birthday!!!

Sean Lai Maoqin2-June
Abdul Rasyid Bin Abdul Rahim6-June
Cheng Shumei7-June
Mardiana Bte Marzuki9-June
Peh Wei Chen18-June
Ow Wee Hao Patrick20-June
Randy Sng Ding Qiang21-June
Galvin Chiam21-June
Dian Atiqah Bte Lokman24-June
Nur Khairin Nadzirah Bte Abdul Jafar28-June
Szeto Mun Wai Dominic28-June

Best Regards,
Randy Sng
Welfare Executive

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