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Installation 2010 : Beyond the Horizon!


The Ambassadorial Team had its annual Installation Ceremony on 20th of January 2010 in the Theatre for the Arts (TFA), Nanyang Polytechnic. The main objective of the ceremony is to install the 16th Junior Ambassadors and Senior Ambassadors as well as the appointment of the newly introduced Key Appointment Holders (KAH) and to release the graduating Ambassadors from their duties and appointments. Not to forget though, the introduction of the new 16th Executive Committee which will be managing the Ambassadorial Team for the new academic year ahead.

Preparations for the Installation began as early as the end of the month of December. The core committee for the Installation was made up of the 15th and newly-appointed 16th Excos and the KAH. Different segments (Segment A, Segment B, Segment C, Segment D) were set up to divide the tasks among each other and also to give more focus on each segments’ responsibilities.
This year’s preparations were a bit different from the usual installations ceremonies that had been held in the past few years. Unlike the previous Installations which were organised mainly by the Excos of the respective batches, almost everybody was roped in to contribute their part in the Installation ceremony. The objective is to include as many Ambassadors as possible and work together to organise the most significant event of our yearly calendar.

The weeks leading up to the Installation Ceremony was very busy. Each segment was rushing for time to meet the deadlines due to the Installation being brought forward to a week earlier. Producing the video, preparing of door gifts and decorations of the venue, practicing of the dance performance was just a few that made up the to-do-list for the Installation 2010.

Day of Installation

Wednesday, 20th of January arrived. The timeslot for the event was at 5.30 pm but Ambassadors were at the venue as early as 12 pm to do their final preparations and touch ups. A final rehearsal was held before everybody was released to have their break and prepare for the event. It was a tense atmosphere as everybody knew that, ‘this is it’. The moment everybody was waiting for.

Arrival of GOH

Once the GOH entered, the cue for the Installation to start was given and well, everything, as they say, was history. The whole programme flow ran smoothly throughout the event. The farewell videos touched our hearts and some even shed tears. The passing down ceremony was met with silence as everybody witnessed the solemn ceremony of the handover from the 15th Exco to the 16th Exco. And the loudest cheers arguably went to the dance performance. The whole programme was capped by a singing performance from our own talented Ambassador, Angel Vaishilee with the theme song of Installation, ‘No Boundaries’ by Kris Allen. Unlike the previous years, this year, all performances were done by our own club members. This shows the abundance of talent that Ambassadorial Team has! Well done performers!
Angel Vaishilee


The whole event concluded with photos taken with our GOH and the club’s advisor Ms Edelweiss Lam. Then everyone went to the reception area to enjoy the refreshments prepared.

Installation 2010 was definitely a huge success! Even our G0H was awed by the professionalism and the formality of the event. But it would not have been made possible with the help of EVERYONE! A million thanks to each and every one of you for all your contributions and effort put in for the event. All the hard work and sacrifices made, really paid off in the end! As a result, Installation 2010 was, as we say, AWESOME!

Everybody! =)

15th and 16th Excos : Passing down symbol

Senior Ambassadors

Junior Ambassadors

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