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Run, Chase, Victorious! 2009

Ambassadorial Team (A-Team) held its annual Games Day on the 24 October 2009, Saturday. RUN, CHASE, VICTORIOUS! was the official theme of our event.

The Amazing Race, the A-Team’s Edition was organised by Suzanne’s Buddy Group. Unlike most of A-Team events which was held at Nanyang Polytechnic’s campus, this year Games Day was held at Sentosa Island. Being as an exclusive event, only A-Team members were allowed to participate. The response for the event was overwhelming as more than 25 members participated.


Participants gathered at Vivo City rooftop amphitheatre at 12 noon for the registration and the allocation of groups. There were 4 groups competed in the Amazing Race. They called themselves Wrong Hole, Your Father, Anything and Marche. They also came out with their own group cheers. We hydrated ourselves with as much mineral water as possible before the event started.

Immediately as the official race kicked off, all the 4 groups rushed for the monorail that brought them to Sentosa. We turned quite a few heads with the running and shrieking in Vivo City in the bid to reach the monorail first.

The Race

All 4 groups arrived at Sentosa at the same time and went on different routes for their first station. There were a total of 5 stations located in Sentosa, namely the Siloso Beach and the Palawan Beach. Each station that all the groups had to go through was creatively invented by the organising committee. For example, the first station that Team Wrong Hole was designated to complete was the ‘Shampoo My Hair’. For this station, the team had to shampoo 3 of their team members’ hair and produce as much lather as possible to be collected in a pail. Points were awarded based on how much lather that was collected by the team.
Another interesting station was the ‘Tongue Twister’. We had our mouth stuffed with bitter gourds. Then, the station master whispered a few sentences in one of the team member’s ear and the person had to repeat the exact sentences into his team member’s ear and so on. Imagine talking with ‘unpleasant’ food stuffed in our mouth, let alone whispering!

The Amazing Race ended about 6pm in the evening and everyone assembled at Emerald Pavilion for the post-race activity.


All the participants were exhausted from the Amazing Race around the Sentosa Island. However, when the committee announced that the post-race mass game allowed us to use water bomb, all eyes lit up and automatically the weariness vanished. The game was similar to the ‘Capture the Flag’ game played during this year’s Annual Camp, but each group had a member who was creatively dressed using used newspapers. The chosen member was the target of the other groups to be drenched with the water bombs and they will have to defend their own group. The winning group was the group whose newspaper dress remained intact.

Once the post-race event was over, almost everybody had a dip in the sea while some took photos together. We had our shower soon after and we proceeded on with the prize presentation. Team ‘Wrong Hole’ led by Nas won the Amazing Race with Team ‘Your Father’ headed by Ke Cheng won the “Best Cheer” with their passionate cheers throughout the Games Day. Maria’s Buddy Group also won a special prize for the highest attendance of the buddy group members. Light refreshments were served after that. We started packing and left the area around 8.30 pm.

The event was made successful by too many to be mention. Especially to the organising committee, they had definitely put in a lot of effort and had done a fantastic job. Thumb up to the participants who had shown burning energy and passion while competing in the Amazing Race. (Especially Sean!)

We look forward to Games Day 2010 with much eagerness and anticipation. Can it top Games Day 2009?

We wait with bated breath.

Ahmad Sholaahuddin,

Editorial Team
NYP Ambassadorial Team

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