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Installation 2010 Preparations

Hello everyone!

The time to start preparing for the 2010 Installation is here!

First of all, we'd like everyone to participate in giving suggestions for the 2010 Theme, so if you have any ideas/slogans in your head, feel free to send them in :)
Please send them in to by the 21st of November, Saturday.

Secondly, we are looking for volunteers to help out in the preparations. As the Installation is such a dear event to our hearts, we hope that we will have a great response from all of you!

Below is a table with the 4 segments of the event, as well as the Ex-Cos in charge:
So do send in your names and the segment you wish to be in to by the 25th of November, Wednesday.

We are also looking for In-House Performers for the ceremony. So if you play an instrument, sing or dance, we want you!
Just send in your name/s and what you want to perform to by the 25th of November, Wednesday.


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