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August Babies!!!

Hey Ambassadors!

Let's wish our August babies a very Happy Birthday!

  • Kenny Goh 4-Aug
  • Poonam D/O Sunil Rai 7-Aug
  • Cheong Xin En 12-Aug
  • Sharman Galexis Pang 18-Aug
  • Loy Le Shan 18-Aug
  • Lee Si Ying 19-Aug
  • Thew Pramkaew 21-Aug
  • Wang Jue 21-Aug
  • Wong Pann 22-Aug
  • Daing Farah Ain Bte Daing Alwee 23-Aug
  • Glory Nympha Nair Rathakrishnan 25-Aug
  • Saffwan Safi Shirbeeni 26-Aug
  • Hong Siong Min (Cassandra) 27-Aug
  • Elizabeth Quek 27-Aug
  • Elyn Ng 28-Aug
  • Tia Li Jian 28-Aug
  • Toh Chi Ying 28-Aug

    Congratulations & all the best for the coming exams!

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