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Annual Camp 2009

Date: 12-14 June 2009

Theme: Opportunities Abundant: Kairos!

Purpose: For new members to bond and to acquire leadership skills!

The Ambassadorial Team Annual Camp 2009 was held on the last weekend before the onset of the 2-week break. And what tremendous fun we had! Not only did the camp promote bonding between both junior and senior ambassadors, but also made for a great learning experience in how to be a good leader as well as follower.

On our first night, members were divided into 5 different groups. Each group was named after a Greek word: Artemis, Thor, Ablastos, Passion, and Independous. Led by our handsome (and pretty!) facilitators, the ice-breaking session allowed us to know more about our team-mates using M&Ms. It really was a creative way of getting to know each other! We then designed our group flag and created our own group cheer. Holding the flags proudly, we ventured into the night for the Night Race! It was as though we were participating in the popular reality show ‘The Amazing Race’, running from one block to another to complete the tasks at all the stations. Although it was an exhausting activity, I am sure everyone agrees that it was a memorable experience. To finish it off, we learnt the mass dance steps from the song ‘Jai Ho’ by Pussycat Dolls!

Morning PT!

We kicked off the second day of the camp by playing CAPTAIN’S BALL! Each group had to go head to head against each other, but of course, in a friendly manner. The ‘balls’, made up of plastic and crushed newspapers, were soon ‘badly injured’ after a few matches. I didn’t know we could be so violent! After the game, we all headed to the North Canteen for our breakfast where we were served tasty fried bee hoon!

Our next stop proved to be the Hockey Pitch, where we played ‘Capture the Flag’. Everyone took part in the game, even the Ex-Cos! The game was quite competitive with each of us trying to gain points for our teams. However, it was heartening to see some groups putting aside their rivalry for a moment to become allies in their attack against the other teams. The game was filled with smiles and laughter, but it definitely ended with everyone being out of breath!

Afternoon Fun & Games

Moving on, we moved to the Stadium for our Mass Relay. Having to bury our faces in plates of flour sure was unpleasant! It was like searching for a needle in a haystack, and I am sure that the taste of the flour still lingers in our mouths at the thought of it! Not to mention being drenched and soapy after the slide! Although everyone was tired, we all felt it was worth it as the event got all of us to bond really well, proven by the loud cheers that could be heard from each group.

After washing up, we attended the events management talk, gathering into our buddy groups to discuss about the respective events we had to organize. Lunch was up next, followed by the mass dance, and after that...well, things got really sticky!

In ‘Sticky Thoughts’, all of us were required to paste our messages (scribbled on small pieces of paper) onto the large A3 sheet taped on each others’ backs. It was touching to see everyone pasting well-wishing messages on each other, regardless of whether they knew the person or not.

Performance Night

Our performance night was attended not only by current members, but also graced with the presence of our guests-of-honour, the alumni members of A-Team! The performances put up by each group were superb. A-Team is just full of people bursting with talent! We danced Jai Ho with the Alumni and the performance night ended with Independous clinching the best performance award! Congratulations Independous!

Confidence Walk

This walk was definitely not for the faint-hearted. For the entire walk, we became ‘mute’ and even had to wear masks! We underwent ‘brutal treatment’, but without it, it would not have been the eye-opening experience that it was. Every one of us was roped in to assist our ‘handicapped’ friends to complete each station. Without a doubt, our teamwork was better than ever after that event!

The Morning After

The morning of our third and final day started with a fun game of Musical Chairs. It was a funny sight to see everyone rushing to get their seats! To quote Sean, “Now we know how ‘kancheong’ everybody is =)!” Shortly after, we split up to attend a short sub-committee meeting. And then for the last time we did our mass dance, our steps perfected by countless attempts! Last but not least, we held the award ceremony, where each group bagged awards according to their individual strengths. And with that final event, the curtains closed on the A-Team Annual Camp 2009. Kudos to the organising committee for doing such a fantastic job!

Unfortunately, every beginning has an end. But though the camp may be over, our fond memories of the camp will linger in our minds forever.


Ahmad Sholaahuddin,

Editorial Team
NYP Ambassadorial Team

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